Format: Poster Triptych
Date: 2009
School: UMBC
Skills & Tech: Branding & Identity, Logo Design, Print Design

This poster triptych assignment was part of our senior projects for design at UMBC. The posters are for a fictional museum's exhibition, "Design for the Everyday." The posters are required to focus on an everyday item that exhibit exceptional design. For my project, I chose to showcase pyramidal teabags which offer a range of improvements over their flat counterparts such as being manufactured without glue or staples and allowing tea leaves to be packed whole, thus providing a better, richer tasting tea.

I submitted the posters in the annual UMBC - Center for Art, Design and Visual Culture Senior Exit Exhibition in the spring of 2009 and was honored to receive both an award for design as well as the prestigious CADVC Choice award, selected by the head curator.

Award-winning poster triptych

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