Format: 8" x 8" Glossy, Double-Sided Service-Based Sales Sheets
Employer: Quotient Inc.
Skills & Tech: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Graphic Design, Print Design, Icon Design

A few samples from a series of marketing campaign for Quotient’s sales team. These documents accompanied the sales team and a large, black velcro board. Each service or selling point from Quotient’s marketing platform was assigned it’s own “app,” and given an 11” x 11” cardstock printout that included a custom iOS 6 (the contemporary version at the time of this project) style icon on one side, and targeted copy detailing Quotient’s work and strengths in that area on the back side. A velcro circle was adhered into each corner of the back-side and the large icons were attached to the velcro wall in mock style of an iOS launch screen.
Visitor’s to Quotient’s booth were encouraged to explore and interact with the wall to discover Quotient’s capabilities in the areas they were most interested in. The sales team would then offer relevant case studies and insights into the visitor’s needs. The visitors were then given 8” x 8” copies of the “App” tiles to take with them.

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