Format: Drupal Brochure Site with News Blog
Client: The Smithsonian Institution
Company: Quotient Inc.
Skills & Tech: Drupal 7, jQuery, Responsive Web Design, HTML5/CSS3

The Global Genome Initiative (GGI) is the Smithsonian’s flagship project to preserve and understand the genetic diversity of our planet. Along with cataloging and sequencing the genetic material of hundreds of thousands of species, the GGI commits educational resources to training the next generation of geneticists, and makes its vast collection available with trust and transparency to research partners across the globe.
In 2015 the GGI came to Quotient with a goal of better evangelizing their work to the public and connecting to the broader genetic research community. We worked closely with subject matter experts to overhaul their web presence with a fresh new design, upgrading their content management platform, and implementing topical news publishing.
The design of the new captures the dual mission of the Global Genome Initiative by combining the clean, aseptic, and orderly aesthetics of a scientific laboratory with imagery and accents that capture the amazing diversity of of life on Earth.
Homepage Design
Basic interior page design.

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